Event Date: August 21, 2017
Time: All Day - Eclipse start time - 11:44am Totality start time- 1:11pm
Place: Viewing area at the Boonville Airport

Don’t miss out on your chance to view one of the most awe inspiring spectacles in all of nature!

Join us on August 21, 2017 to experience his rare cosmological show, a total solar eclipse!  To put in into perspective just how rare an event like this is, it hasn’t occurred in the United States for nearly four decades!

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon align in such a way that the shadow of the moon falls upon the Earth.  The total phase of a solar eclipse is a very brief and rarely lasts more than a few minutes.  In previous years, the narrow path of totality has often been inaccessible to sky watchers as most of the Earth is covered by water, making a total solar eclipse that occurs over a large populated area quite special.

Looking for a great place to view this natural phenomenon?

Missouri will experience some of the longest duration of totality as the shadow crosses the United States from Oregon to South Carolina.

Boonville, will see approximately 2 minutes and 39 seconds of total darkness

Partial Eclipse starts – 11:44a.m.

Totality starts – 11:11p.m.


           What makes Boonville such a great place to view the Eclipse?

  • Conveniently located about half way between Kansas City and St. Louis
  • Located right off of I-70 with three main exits into town
  • Multiple viewing area in town with a large unubstructed public area at the airport
  • Lots of attractions, shopping and dining options
  • A large camping area set up just for this event