Trail Extensions

Rock Island Spur

Rock Island Spur is a new 47.5-mile extension in west-central Missouri, built on the former corridor of the Rock Island line.

The extension connects to the Katy Trail in Windsor and reaches Pleasant Hill on the outskirts of Kansas City, creating a full trail from St. Charles County to Kansas City, MO.

The trail offers a historical adventure and invites trail-goers to explore rural Missouri’s history while enjoying picturesque farm fields, landscapes, woodlands, and streams.

MKT Nature and Fitness Trail

This 9-mile extension connects the Katy Trail to Columbia, MO at mile 169.9 west of McBaine. Columbia is central Missouri’s largest city and home to Mizzou, the University of Missouri’s main campus.

McKittrick – The Bridge

A bike-and-pedestrian-friendly bridge has just replaced the old bridge to Hermann, making the travel easier from the Katy Trail into Hermann. The side trail from Katy Trail is just west of the Highway 19 underpass and partially utilizes a wide shoulder of the highway for a total distance of 3 miles from the Katy Trail into Hermann.


Katy Trail Facts

  • The Katy Trail opened in Rocheport, MO in 1990.
  • Founder Edward Jones donated $2.2 million to help purchase the corridor for the Katy Trail.
  • The Katy Trail runs for 239 miles and is the longest rails-to-trails pedestrian and biking trail in the country.
  • The trail runs through 49 cities and towns, from Clinton, MO to Machens, MO.
  • The trail is made of crushed limestone bedding from start to finish, ideal for bikers with mountain bikes or hybrids with wider tires.
  • There are 26 total trailheads on the Katy Trail.
  • Roughly 30,000 people access the Katy Trail per year.



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